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About VanMail
VanMail is a powerful POP3/SMTP email client that puts you in control of what messages you want to receive. With VanMailís flexible email filters, you have the ability to delete email from unwanted sources based on a key word or phrase contained in the email message which includes the senderís email address, subject line and body of the message.

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  • Fully Automated Challenge-Response System. This feature prevents you from receiving emails from unknown senders. When VanMail receives an email from a sender that is not in your approved list, it will send an email to the sender asking them to respond to your email and since 99% of spammers send fake return addresses, your mailbox will remain clean.
  • Ability to Block ALL Emails from Unknown Senders. This is the most drastic step you can take, but you are guaranteed to be free of spam since you are only allowing emails that are from senders in your whitelist or that contain a key word or phrase you wish NOT to block.
  • Block Known Spammers.This option is useful if you do not wish to delete all incoming email that is from an unknown source, but you do wish to block repeat offenders. For example, if you kept on receiving email from joe@spammer.com, you could block joe@spammer.com or even every email received from spammer.com.
  • Create Auto-Response Emails With VanMail you can automatically respond to an incoming email based on a key word or phrase including email addresses. For example, if you receive an email sent to support@your_company.com, VanMail can be configured to send an automatic message back to the sender indicating that they have received the senderís email and will respond within 24 hours.
  • Easy to Use Address Book. With VanMail built-in address book, you can easily add and maintain your contacts by including such items as their email address, physical mail address, mobile phone, home phone, etc. You can also assign custom color codes to different contacts so that when you receive an email from that contact, their message will be displayed with a different color in your inbox.
  • Create Alert Rules. VanMail can be configured to display a message of your choosing when you receive an email that matches a key word or phrase. For example, if you received an email sent to sales@your_company.com, you could configure VanMail to display an alert message screen such as "Received an email regarding sales".
  • Email Forwarding. VanMail can be set up to automatically forward an email to another email addresses if the incoming email matches one or more of your key words.
  • Create Move Rules. VanMail can be set up to automatically move an incoming email from your inbox to another email folder of your choosing based on a key word or phrase you specify.
  • Block Email Attachments from Unknown Senders. VanMail can be configured to block predefined file attachments types (e.g. exe, doc, xls, etc) from unknown senders. You can even specify your own file attachment types to block. This option is useful since it can help protect you from receiving viruses.
  • Advanced Search Feature. With VanMailís search feature, you can quickly search all of your downloaded email for a key word or phrase. Not only can you search your email, but you can also search your rules.
  • Offline Email Encryption VanMail can be configured to encrypt your email once it has been downloaded to your local system. This feature is useful if others have access to your system and you wish to prevent them from reading your email once you have saved it to your local computer. When this option is enabled, a user will be prompted for a password when starting VanMail and if they do not know the password VanMail will be prevented from running. Furthermore, the back-end database will also be encrypted so that a user cannot read your email by attempting open the VanMail database with other tools.
  • Run Unattended. When minimized, VanMail runs unattended and can be configured to automatically check email periodically and apply your custom rules.

If you are interested in trying out VanMail for yourself, then please don't hesitate to download a free 30 day trial version.  Download Now
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